Plain Diaphragms (1mm)

We stock a wide range of plain, reinforced and low-pressure diaphragms and verification foils which have been developed in line with major retailer standards, including M&S, P27 and Adidas.

This Diaphragm is not reinforced and is green in colour. Suitable for M&S P27, Adidas 4.09, ISO 13938-2 and others

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These are designed for use alongside burst strength testers to accurately measure the bursting strength required for a broad range of different materials. This includes knitted products, car seats, food packaging and medical supplies.

Relevant Standards: 

  • ASTM D3786
  • ISO 13938-2
  • M&S P27
  • NEXT TM 22
  • WSP 30.2
  • Woolmark TM29
  • adidas® Group 4.09

This product is Plain Diaphragms (1mm)


Bursting Strength Test Materials

A selection of plain, reinforced and low-pressure diaphragms and verification foils.

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