IWS Pilling Photographs for Woven Fabrics (Set of 20)

In spite of the increasing sophistication of our instrumentation, standard graded photographs are still widely used for evaluating surface changes after testing.

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To ensure absolute consistency from batch to batch and to make the photographs as easy as possible to use, they are produced in-house and under strictly controlled conditions.

Furthermore, we are able to produce photographs to meet any special requirement you may have. We also stock a complementary range of AATCC and ASTM
standard photographs and replicas.

Relevant Standards: 

  • AATCC 88B
  • ASTM D3512
  • ASTM D3939
  • ASTM D4970
  • BS 5811
  • BS 8479 (SnagPod)
  • EN ISO 15487
  • ISO 7770
  • M&S P17
  • M&S P18B
  • Woolmark TM 152
  • Woolmark TM196

This product is IWS Pilling Photographs for Woven Fabrics (Set of 20)


Photographic Standards

Use our standard, graded photographs - which are still widely used for the assessment of specimens in evaluating surface changes after testing.

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