Test materials range

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AATCC Test Materials

A range of genuine AATCC test materials, for peace of mind that you're using the best.

Blue Wool Standards

For light and weathering fastness testing, our Blue Wools are individually dyed wool pieces, each with a different degree of fastness to light.

Bursting Strength Test Materials

A selection of plain, reinforced and low-pressure diaphragms and verification foils.

Crocking Cloth & Cotton Lawn

Used in a Crockmaster (Crockmeter) to check the amount of dye transfer, following a dry or wet rub fastness test.


A comprehensive range of reference detergents, specified in many European and International standards, for colour fastness and shrinkage testing.

Grey Scales

Grey Scales (Gray Scales) are used for assessing colour change and staining during colour fastness testing.


Makeweights, also know as ballast or loading fabrics, are used to make up the load in washing, dry cleaning, dimensional stability, drying or durability tests.

Martindale Test Materials

We make original Martindale test materials and consumables, recommended for use on this family of instruments.

Multifibre DW/LW

Multifibre Adjacent Fabric for a variety of Colour Fastness tests.

Phenolic Yellowing

Assess the potential of 'yellowing' with our test kit.

Photographic Standards

Use our standard, graded photographs - which are still widely used for the assessment of specimens in evaluating surface changes after testing.

Pilling/Snagging Materials

Valid test results are only generated if steps are taken to minimise all variables in the process, such as using branded James Heal pilling and snagging materials.

Quality assurance

James Heal have the technical experience and knowledge to understand the crucial importance of compliant test materials to the end user.

We have invested heavily in our Quality Control infrastructure, which includes two well-established and equipped ISO 17025 compliant in-house laboratories and a wide range of quality control procedures and processes, all of which are regularly and independently audited.

Why choose James Heal?

For over 40 years, we've supplied test materials to the highest standard of consistency, reliability and performance.

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